Akash Hospital / Directors Message

Dr.Brajendra Baser

M.S.(AIIMS ,Delhi),DNB,
DLO-Royal college of surgeons ,London.
- Head of the ENT department

Dr.Archana Baser

Head of Gynecology obstetrics and
Infertility division

Akash Hospital-a super specialty centre for ENT, Gynecology and IVF (Test tube baby)

What is the need for a super-specialty Hospital?

In the current Era many multi specialty Hospitals have come up though they provide excellent services but their main attention is on Cardiology,Neurosurgery,Trauma,burns and ICU as these earns high revenue for the Hospital.

Most of the big Hospitals have a very poor infrastructure for ENT &Gynecology services. This is a super specialty Hospital caters mainly to these two specialties. We have the latest technology, dedicated man power and infrastructure for this. In the Gynecology services-we have facilities for Laparoscopy, advanced gynecology procedures; dedicated maternal unit &Neonatal ICU.

We have the state of art 3d color Doppler sonography machine. We also have a dedicated infertility Unit with latest technology for IVF, ICSI&IMSI. We organize regular pregnancy classes’ form the expecting mothers and CME programs for the training of Doctors.

In the ENT segment we have facilities for state of art nose and sinus endoscopy surgery, laser surgery.
We have the latest Microsurgery instruments from Germany and the only private set up in Indore which has CO2 laser with Micromanipulator. We deal with all Kind of cancers in Head and neck, Facial plastic surgery, Rhinoplasty, Ear surgery, nose & sinus surgery, and cochlear implant surgery’.We organize regular live surgery workshops and CME for training of the budding ENT surgeons, We also have a team of child specialist who takes care of the new born and run a well baby clinic.

We offer over 25 years of expertise in ENTand Female Healthcare. Akash Hospital brings together the best in all aspects of healthcare, combining it with resort-like luxury to give you a truly pampered experience.

It is our belief and our dream to revolutionize the healthcare industry, to get rid of the image of hospitals as places of suffering, but to rebrand the industry as patient oriented.

Akash hospital aims to redefine health-care as not a natural necessity and cumbersome, but as an experience full of comfort and luxury. We strive to provide the best medical care, with our dedicated staff and expert team of doctors combined with an experience you can carry with you for a lifetime.